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How to be a Good Accountant!

Today I found a good article in ehow about how to be a good accountant, oh what a general quesntion, but I will try to apply the given points on myself,,,lets check it out 🙂

1-“You should have higher grades when you’re in high school, especially in Math subjects. Ask your guidance counselor what is the qualification to be accepted in Accounting Program. Also look for Universities that offers a good Accounting Programs and degree.”

well to be honest,,my grades were not sooo hight and not too law,,,and yea I had a lot of problems specially in Math subject,, but my case was; one I understand the topic in math and be able to apply it, I might like it and wont stop doing it ! lol

2-“Apply a school that you think that offers better Accounting Program that will fulfill all of the requirements to be a CPA.”

yea my university offers a good programs, but its not the best,,and most of the CPA requirements are fulfilled, but i am not sure if there is any university that will fulfill “all” the requirements to be a CPA.

3-“Look for the subject of Accountancy Program and think if you can pass those subjects.”

yes I can pass them,,I mean i should pass them to be a good accountant! 🙂

4- “To be retain in Accountancy Program, you must have a grade of 2.5(74%) in average from 1st year to 2nd year. You should not have a drop any subjects or failed subjects.”

at the moment, my GPA is 2.5 and I have finished 72 credit hours, and yea still didn’r drop or failed in any subject,,

5- “When you are in 3rd year to 4th year can have 1 failed subject and then the university will give you chance to retake that subject. But it is more advantage if you didn’t have any failed subjects”

yes,,I dont have 🙂

6- “In your 5th year in Accounting Program make sure that you will give your best because you will take up the CPA examination.”

I am trying my best to do the best, and looking forward to take up the CPA,,,,but now let me concentrate more on my Bachelor program…

7- “You can work in some Banks during your college years, especially during vacation or summer, where you can have or gain experience in the field. Many company that hire entry-level accountants after graduation from college require this work.”

Last year I went to an auditing office, asked them for a training, and yea I was lucky to be accepted by the manager, after 2 months I left the place for a vacation with my family, but I am planning to continue my training there during my last semester,,,

8-“Before applying for the test, you’ll need some accounting experience, in addition to a bachelor’s degree. Do your best in taking up the CPA examination. Study hard so that you can pass the examination.”

Many of my instructors advised me to take the CPA directly after the graduation, but do you think its easy?! 🙂 but its not impossible,,,,(later I will write about CPA and how you get it)


I know that there are many steps to do and to accomplish to be a good accountant,,In my opinion, being a good a accountant is to know what is really accounting, understand it, love it,,,

What about you my visitors?? are you a good accountants ?

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